Friday, 13 January 2012

It’s bitter at the Baltic

I was down on the Quayside last week, taking a trip to see the Turner prize hosted at the Baltic Art Gallery and it was freezing by the river! We had both children wrapped up in hats and gloves and winter coats despite their protests. This made me remember one of my interviews with a Polish mum; she had been astounded at how local children are dressed in the cold weather here. I think the cold weather does take us by surprise in the UK, and we’re not as prepared as Poles for subzero temperatures, as was the case last year.

As a mum I’ve actually found it really hard to find good winter clothing in Newcastle for my boys. After a lot of looking I managed to find pram suits (for babies) (kombinezon zimowy) in Mothercare and John Lewis this year, but they weren’t really up to much against the Geordie chill. For older children thick duffle coats (budrysówka) could be found in Marks and Spencer and Next, and there were some bright raincoats (płaszcz przeciwdeszczowy) in Primark and H & M.

In the end I gave up looking on the highstreet and found this website: (Little Trekkers) who sell expensive but high quality winter outdoor wear for children (na przykład kombinezon narciarski, odzież nieprzemakalna i odzież termoaktywna). I’ve found their delivery to be excellent, and the brands Columbia and Spotty Otter (pram suits and all-in-one snowsuits for toddlers) to be especially good. Like I say, they are quite expensive so try looking on Ebay for second hand versions of these brands first.

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