Saturday, 14 July 2012

Book: Moving to Britain from Poland

Book recommendation: Deborah Chancellor, Moving to Britain from Poland, Franklin Watts: London, 2008 (photographs by Chris Fairclough). ISBN: 978 0 7496 7857

The Franklin Watts ‘Moving to Britain’ series includes the title ‘Moving to Britain from Poland’. This is a useful book for Polish families as it is designed to help children understand their new lives and remember the traditions of their country. In ‘Moving to Britain from Poland’ 11 year old Karolina was born in Bytom and has spent the past three years living in the south of England. She is photographed in her new hometown, with her family, at school and going about activities she enjoys. The book includes a few key phrases in Polish and a glossary and index of words to help simplify the book for younger readers. There is also a short fact file on Poland and some suggestions for further reading about Polish culture on the Internet. Karolina is shown enjoying preparing pierogi for the Christmas Eve meal and looking at cards on her name day with cousin, Igor. This book would make an excellent brief guide for any young child from Poland who is currently getting to grips with life in the UK.

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