About This Blog

I set this blog up in February 2010 as a way of sharing my research interests with my research group - Polish parents who were resident in the North East of England. The blog helped me secure a good response to the fieldwork I was conducting within the Polish community at the time.

I found that during in-depth interviews with Polish families, many parents asked me questions about where they might find regional information specific to them. As a result I turned this blog into a simple information space in order to answer some of their questions.

I try to write in simple, clear and uncomplicated English (and I try to write a few words of Polish here and there, but sadly I am a little embarrassed about all the mistakes I’m obviously making!). As a migrant parent to the North East myself (albeit a southern British migrant to the North!) I aim to share the information I have found useful in my parenting experience. So for example the blog now contains information about finding childcare provision, links to breastfeeding and antenatal support and information about where to source second-hand clothes locally. I also try, wherever possible, to advertise and promote the region’s Polish events and culture (in English) as I hope that by listing our Polish shops and restaurants and promoting the Made In Poland festival, the North East’s Polish culture may be able to reach bigger, wider audiences.

I find it a real privilege and honour to have been able to meet so many lovely welcoming Polish families in this region, people who have invited me into their homes and shared their experiences with me. I only hope that now I am able to share some of my knowledge about the local area, and to encourage the wider community / communities of the North East of England, to embrace this fabulous slice of Polish culture that’s resident on our doorstep!