Thursday, 19 January 2012

Classes for babies and young children

In the UK you can expect to find classes or groups for parents and carers of babies and young children taking place on most days of the week in your local area. Such groups are usually hosted in church halls or at community centres. Here’s some ideas of classes you might try and that are popular in the UK; please note that these are just the big franchise companies of the baby and children’s activities world, you’ll find details about groups more specific to your area in your nearest supermarket (on the community notice boards), from your local SureStart centre (they’ll give you a leaflet about what’s on near you) or at the Netmums North East website:

Baby Massage Classes:
International Association for infant Massage:

Music groups and classes:
Jo Jingles:
Music Bugs:
Piccolo Music:

Dance, Gym and Movement classes:
Tumble Tots:

Sensory Groups and Classes:
Baby Sensory:
Messy Monkeys (this is specific to the North East):

Sports Classes:
Little Kickers (football):

Baby and Toddler signing classes:
Tiny Talk:
Sing and Sign:

Swimming classes:
Water Babies:
Puddle Ducks:

Let me know what sort of groups and classes you might expect to find in Poland by posting a comment or emailing me at the usual address, Thanks! Rachel

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